Painting: Karina Llergo

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, when clarity dawns and the birds start to sing.

In times of trouble re angle your view, change your perspective until it works for you.

Don’t get caught up in the negatives look for the good, though you feel like taking time back if you could.

The love you thought you were receiving was an illusion, he was carried to you on the tide amidst all the confusion.

The love you assumed for you from him, was merely a rebound of love from yourself deep within.

A reflection a ricochet a magnificent force, that landed on you along its course.

So wake up dear one and mop up your tears, you are stronger than you realise so drop your fears.

Have no regrets but be grateful you learned, to ascend once more as you have earned.

Fly high don’t block out the light, allow your love to master it’s flight.

Let go of him let go of pain, don’t hide away leave open doors for love again.

Ignite your palette with colours vibrant to release your energy vent, or use gentle pastels depicting the sweet vulnerability of your strength.

You deserve respect lest not you forget, choose laughter and happiness just be you and don’t regret.

This post’s quote :

Life is like an unfurnished room, you need to try different furniture in different places, before you decide what fits where.

Maria Bolton

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