If money was used correctly it wouldn’t be so bad, the way humans abuse everything is unreasonable and sad.

Used for products or services I think it is okay, but to make money from money is hideous, they make the bed where they lay.

All the gifts they were given from nether and beyond, I’d like them to use as intended, I’d wave a magic wand.

Nuclear was not meant to make a nasty bomb,what a terrible thing they did with it, where did that thought come from?

It happened because of ego, which flipped the circuit bad, it ruined everything that humans could possibly have had.

It is because of free will the ones could not stop this pace, completely unexpectedly it messed up the human race.

Knowledge was not meant to use for their sole self gain, the way they abuse these things is positively insane.

The ones came from the skies, from universes beyond comprehension, to plant and pass on ideas, to aid humans was their intention.

They taught the ancient peoples how to build and farm, and nothing that they taught was ever meant to cause harm.

So many theories of the pyramids and ancient stones and more, the truth is known to many but most choose to ignore.

Some people call them ‘aliens’ but words cannot describe, humans teach you they are bad and that you should run and hide.

Humans think they have ideas that are theirs to keep, but the ‘aliens’ plant them in their thoughts whilst they are fast asleep.

It matters not to ‘them’ who invention or ideas come from, as long as people get the message and the knowledge is passed along.

It’s true that with evolution all would come eventually, but if you realized how long that would take I think you’d begin to see.

You truly need their help and should not judge or fear, because if not for them, humans would disappear.

The egos of the world want you to live in fear and doubt, this way they can control you, that’s what they’re all about.

Power is what egos want, to hurt your heart and feed, don’t give in to their control, don’t let them plant doubt seed.

The time on earth is an illusion, the future is not set, there are infinite possibilities that conclusions can be met.

There is a world awakening of masses at this crucial point now, there are huge efforts happening with connected effort to change the course somehow.

From all those awakened souls to unite and be as one, but you need to say “we want peace ” not say ” ban the bomb”

The reason that I tell this is that it must be clear, you need to choose words positive to eradicate the fear.

Some of you are confused about the way to go, but one thing is quite clear, there’s something wrong…you know.

Be careful how you choose, there are charlatans out there, they’re waiting to deceive you and trap you in their snare.

It’s easy to ask for guidance whilst in that in between, the place you go not in sleep or awake where everything is serene.

So carefully choose your mantra to give you guidance through, use words that eminate positive and connect with your inner guru.

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