WAKE UP!! Is Society doing the best for their Kids and Themselves?

Everyone accepts babies sleep a lot, and nobody gives them a hard time for this. However, in this controlled society driven by money and ‘progress ‘ some babies may have their natural sleep patterns disrupted, so that mum and dad can get to work on time. Babies are being put into nurseries (institutions) at much earlier ages these days than they were in the past.

I am not going to apologise for my views, and I have heard all the excuses. I believe there is a lack of family values and many more serious problems, due to children not being raised by people who truly love them…unconditionally, ie: their families.

I see a crazy world out there where want is mistaken for need. Many families work so much to keep a home where they may actually only spend one or two afternoons per week (discounting night time, when they are asleep)

Saturdays are taken up with working (depending on your job) and/or taking kids to sports/activities, and grocery shopping. Sundays are spent at worship/grocery shopping/ going to retail outlets to overspend in order to compensate for a demanding, stressed and shit life with no free time.

Does anybody actually consider how much they would save in fuel costs etc if they stayed at home and looked after their own kids? Could it be as much or close to what they are spending on nursery/child care? Having two cars ? And that is just money, not even mentioning stress on you and stress on your child/children.

Anyway, I do understand that everybody’s circumstances are different, but there are many many people who either have got so caught up in the system or are just making excuses for whatever reason, that they really are not properly evaluating the whole picture.

Do you need a house so big and expensive, do you really really need two vehicles, do you need a new kitchen/bathroom/re paint every three years? Do you need more than one pair of boots, one pair of sandals, one pair of shoes, one pair of wellingtons? Do you need more ornaments to dust?, more pictures? Ad infinitum.

You would actually be amazed at how little you need to be healthy and happy. There is proof and statistics out there, enough to show that the less people have, the happier they are ( yeah no quotes…look it up yourself) Why does it take some drastic event or happening to remind people what is truly important in life? And then, how long does it take for them to forget these lessons and fall back into controlled existing again.

Five year plans, ten year plans, wait for retirement….ad infinitum. Why not ask yourself what the f**k you are doing and if you are truly happy? Be honest…are you able to do that? It started by lying to yourself, are you still doing that? Excuses excuses.

Follow your dream before it’s too late, by the time you retire, the shitty governments may have eradicated pensions, the climate may have destroyed the planet, anything could happen. What about now, what’s wrong with now?

You could make huge mistakes, but what an adventure, and think about how much you would learn. You can’t take money with you when you die, and you can’t eat it. Money is not all it’s cracked up to be. Actually money is an illusion, ink on paper…not even that, figures in a computer…but maybe that is for another post😱

The most important thing in life is to be healthy and happy. Now again, I am not even going to go into the statistics here. Really, let someone else do that.

The purpose of this post is for you to ask yourself questions, but more importantly to answer them honestly to yourself…

1. Are you happy…really?

2. Are your kids/partner happy…could you influence this?

3. Are you a slave to society?…you know in your heart you can change this.

Now, I began with everyone accepting babies sleep a lot….then digressed into a rant🤔 so…

What about teenagers?

Why can society not accept, they sleep a lot, at odd times. Science accepts this as ‘normal’ (I am not going to bother printing facts and statistics here, look it up yourself) so why can’t you accept it as ‘normal’?

I will tell you why…

Because it interferes with your concept of life, with the ‘slave to society’ syndrome. Just when the growing body and mind reaches a period when it needs to rest/sleep/take a break…just like babies in the beginning (ok somewhat different..but hey) oh my!! Society, protocol etc. expects teenagers to decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives.

No, actually society expects them to decide how they are going to pay into the monetary system the g n p (no I will not give it capitals!!) Sooo, they have to study much harder now, they are expected to perform, decide on a life career, meet deadlines, stop living and become society robots. Crazy, crazy, when it is a time in their cycle when they actually need to slow down, rest and take their time. Be allowed to live, to develop, to grow, to change etc.

But no, you feel the need to label them, call them names, give them stress, say they are lazy and ungrateful. You accepted they needed rest and sleep and calm when they were babies….so please parents, do some reading!!! Take the pressure off, give them a break!!!

Is it any wonder so many teenagers have problems with depression, social anxiety etc?….Maybe they are tired? Maybe it is much too soon to put the pressures of life on them? Stop expecting them to behave like adults, without the necessary chronological or life experience. And maybe try to accept that the world has developed technology exponentially in a very short period.

Today’s teenagers have been born into a world where machines and technology have largely replaced people, and tangible real connections, conversations etc. If they are distant, finding it difficult to communicate face to face or whatever, maybe instead of blaming them, think for a moment. Is it all their fault? Is any of it their fault?

It is never too late to study, to go back to education. If your teenager is not coping, let them take a break/sabbatical/year off. Better still lobby society and change the whole f***ing system. WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

Just as it is unreasonable to expect babies to get up and get on with growing and learning, and stop spending sooo much time sleeping, it is also unrealistic to make the most stressful time in education and facing life changes, to coincide with teenage years, just because someone at some point made some rules, some time lines.

Ok…long post, possibly I can finish now. Just understand the system is messed up big time, stop blindly following and do something 😜 and give your kids a break and some understanding, instead of blindly following the masses and protocol and expectations set by idiots. Give yourself a break, stop working your life away, stop stressing. Down size, demote yourself to save stress…..live a little before it’s too late. Do something you have always wanted to, stop putting life on hold…make the dream a reality.

For a bit of inspiration

I recommend this book (also available in Spanish)

This posts quote :

Additional Quote:

Don’t miss out on something that could be great, just because it could also be difficult to pursue.


2 thoughts on “WAKE UP!! Is Society doing the best for their Kids and Themselves?

Add yours

  1. I think it should be said that artificially postponing sleep until exhaustion through simulation from computer/ phone/ kindle screens isn’t a healthy way to sleep though.
    Teenagers need to sleep a lot but doing so at irregular and “unsocial” times can end up adding to any mental ill health that is already present in their lives. Maybe the next post can be about how much kids need sunlight!

    Liked by 1 person

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