Interesting Vehicles

The above camper was seen in Portugal, it belonged to a family of 5, three children and 2 adults. They were travelling the world. I thought their camper was very interestingly painted, inside they had a compost toilet!

Please credit any photos you use to Crouching dragon and link the blog👍

And here another view of the same camper …

Above: Camper belonging to Swiss family.

Above: There was a whole convoy of converted campers like this in Scotland, in lots of different colours.

Above: another view of converted tiny Citroen van.

Above: This innovative unit was seen in France.

Above: An old English ice cream van.

Above: A tiny English ice cream van.

Above: A reliant Robin, three wheeled car. These were made of fibreglass, I was surprised it didn’t tip over with the bikes on the back🤭

Above: Big beast seen in Germany, I bet it uses lots of diesel.

Above: interesting tent on roof rack 😁

Above: Another interesting tent that folds out of a roof box.

Above: Tiny caravan, I believe it’s called a teardrop.

Above: I saw this in France.. the half van behind has been made into a trailer towed by the van in front.

Above: This is a very strange looking camper van conversion seen in Germany.

Above: This was seen in the U.K The base vehicle is an old Landrover.

Above: Beautifully sprayed motorhome

Above: and the rear view.

Above: Big truck conversion.

Above: This amazing articulated truck was converted into a motorhome, seen in Salzburg Germany.

Above: This is a tight fit🤔

Above: There are many interestingly painted Vans like this in Portugal.

Above: and another lovely paint job👍

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