Are you brainwashed? ….. a personal rant 😖

Painting: Power to the people. Sophie Sarti

Okay, I want to make it clear, this is not an attack on society, I just want to wake people up and help them think for themselves once more.

Anybody who knows me ( nobody really knows me, but hey) knows that I think outside the box, I see things very differently to most others.

One of my dilemmas :

I find it absolutely astounding that people accept things without question. let’s look at mobile phone data.

You buy data, a bundle (what the f*** is that, but hey) and there are these conditions. I will give you x amount of data for your phone for x amount of money….sounds reasonable so far. But if you don’t use this data by the end of the month, I will take the remaining data, and you will not get a refund??????

Let’s put this into perspective, I sell you something, if you don’t use it, even though you have paid for it, I will take it back.

How is this okay? How is this fair? And yet everyone just accepts this. Come on guys, what the f*** is going on?

Let’s take this to another situation. You go to a clothes store, you buy a pair of jeans, t-shirt, a dress, whatever. Let’s say that you buy a dress for a party or a wedding, that is next month. So obviously you don’t wear this dress immediately.

There’s a knock at the door, you answer, it’s some stranger. They say, “hey, I have come to take back that dress you bought last month” “Huh? Why?” You say. “Well, because you have not worn it yet” they say. “You will not get any refund, but we get to take the dress and sell it again” they say.

Yeah, are you now seeing what is happening? are you waking up? is this okay? I say NO!

Come on, we don’t have to accept this sh**, if everyone objected they would be forced to change.

We need change, we need to wake up, we need to stop being brainwashed. Stop accepting this SH*T

Here’s a story:

I like to help people, I do it without conscious thought.

In certain parts of the globe, there are these parking lots, where you have to pay for a space to park your vehicle. This seems reasonable, somebody has paid to have it built, it costs money to maintain, it costs to keep it litter free etc. I am okay with paying for that parking space.

In fact, it pisses me a little that you can’t buy the designated time you choose, they set the time allotment. But I can let this slip , I am not sooo pedantic. Because I can donate my ticket with it’s remaining time, to somebody else.

Then,suddenly, it all changed.

I go to the parking lot and find I have now to put in my vehicles registration plate, before I can be issued a ticket. I can no longer buy a half hour, the minimum is two hours ( what if I just want to pop into the bank?) It’s now going to cost me hell loads more.

Hmmm, I think outside the box.

I put my money into the machine, I punch in a registration plate 1 amfree (lol) the machine accepts this, I have my ticket.

I do not take the two hours to do what I need to do, so look for a new arrival to give my ticket to. I approach someone. I offer my ticket, oh boy, they are scared,”it has a different registration to my plate, I will get fined if I put this on my vehicle” they say.

Great, so now I can’t give charity. Who has the right to stop me doing that?

So the owners of the parking lot now get hell loads more money for one space than they ever did before. This makes me sooo mad.

First off, the ability to make someone smile by donating my ticket has gone. Second, when did they make this ‘law’ Sure there are big signs up everywhere, telling us we must comply. The machine will not even issue a ticket without a registration plate punched in. But I did not have forewarning of this ‘law’ it was not in the press.

Here’s the thing…it is not a law. But if you do not comply you do not get a ticket. So everyone complies and thinks nothing more of it. Not good.

Hmmm. Not me, oh no. Okay so I can’t give my ticket away, but I can make a statement, with my false number plate punched into the machine.

This goes on for quite some time, then one day I return to find a ticket guy, with his machine, printing me out a fine and sticking it on my screen.

I say, ” hey, what’s the problem, I have over an hour left on my ticket”, he says, “you have the wrong registration on your ticket”. I say ” I never remember my plate, rather than come all the way back to my car, I put in some random figures” “there is no vehicle in the country with those figures” he says. “Oh well , then you know I paid for the ticket and didn’t get it from someone else” I said. “I phoned my boss, he said I must give a fine” he said.

Sometimes I just lose it, this was one of those moments. I mean this guy had a choice, it’s not like he had to phone his boss, nobody would have known if he carried on walking. Why could he not see the humour? Why could he not be light? No crime was committed, nobody lost anything, except me, I lost my right to donate, to make someone smile. My friends had to drag me away whilst I asked him questions like “how do you sleep at night?” “why are you such a robot?”

Nice, so I have this fine for putting the wrong registration on my ticket, I paid for the space. They got their money.

What if I was an old lady who made a genuine mistake?

So it’s like, if I pay immediately £30 if I don’t £60 ad infinitum. How is that okay?

So I send a letter, I am confused, I paid for my space why do I get a fine. Here’s the best bit, this is England, law set on precedent. I use their ancient laws against them. Before I close the letter I write that they have x amount of days to respond to me or I consider the matter closed😉 knowing, that they are under staffed and it is unlikely they could respond in such a time.

I guess you may want to hear the outcome. Well as a hobo travelling dude, I did not stick around and in time forgot about the incident.

Over a year later, I returned to collect my mail. They said on this occasion they would waive the fee ( yeah right, they had no choice because they did not respond in the allotted time) So all you Brits, a precedent has been set. If it happened once then it should happen again.

The moral on all of this is, one person can make a difference, stand up for their rights, and they should.

But if everyone got together. …imagine. We could change things permanently. More people together have a bigger voice. Please just look around at all the unjust things that are going on, things that for some reason people just accept or worse, fail to see in the first place.

There are many many worse things than the examples I have given. Is everybody so brainwashed that they cannot see? Is everybody so cellular that they don’t care?

Let’s have a voice let’s not let things get continually worse. Let’s stand up and be seen, be heard……unite.

This post’s quote:

The people have the power. All we have to do is awaken the power in the people.

John Lennon

One thought on “Are you brainwashed? ….. a personal rant 😖

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  1. Nice move! 😀

    I don´t get these kind of (ticket-) guys as well.

    They just pass their responsibility to their bosses.
    “I´m just doing my job” …that´s all it takes to calm their mind.

    Well, maybe some day people will rediscover their self-responsibility.

    Cya, mate! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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