Hideous Homo Sapiens

Image Urfingus

If it’s an invasive species kill it, why don’t they stop and think? It’s humans that upset the balance and they make things extinct.

A simple change of attitude, think outside the box, all plant life and species can be in harmony if human minds detox.

If they would just stop killing all that they don’t understand, and stop killing those who disagree, the planet earth would mend itself when all is said and done, but if humans they continue this way then they will cease to be.

Where there is still a tiny chance, they have to wake up now, everything is possible in someway somehow.

I can’t believe the capacity for empathy is gone, even if it’s buried so deep and hard to find, it is still in everyone.

Don’t see it as a weakness don’t see it as shame, don’t keep pointing your fingers to alleviate the blame.

People who stand by and don’t try to have things changed, are as bad as the lost soul perpetrators who’s hatred is deranged.

People who don’t speak out really have no excuse, they are as bad as those torturers that people’s silence allows to remain loose.

They can halt climate change, deforestation, wars and starvation, if they would just re awaken empathy and love in every global nation.

Still they go to war, then they speak peace talk, but nothing is a changing cos they don’t walk the walk.

If they just built new foundations the rest would fall into place, they could start changing all the hearts and minds of their messed up human race.

That’s why they need not to digress, to halt this tragic scene, because humans are the root cause and this has always been.

They rape the planet and kill their own, they reap the seeds that they have sown.

Do they get this message now of what I try to tell? Cause and affects are happening they should see this well.

They should not look at each individual problem but look at the root cause, they should stop a while and they should think and pause.

To change what they do they need to change how they think, why can they all not see such an obvious link?

The factor that is missing is love that’s pure and true, start thinking first of others and stop thinking first of ‘you’.

This post’s quote:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.

Martin Luther king

A note from author Crouching dragon:

Ironically, ‘Homo Sapien’ means ‘Wise Human’ in Latin 🤔😜

Please watch this tedtalk, it gives just one superb example of how humans can live in harmony, of how they can find alternative ways and not kill that which they fail to understand, that which they deem to be invasive.

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