Hope, Love and Unity

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I feel that in this world, so many times things go from black to white and white to black, without ever stopping in the grey. Let’s look at grey. Grey is a fusion of black and white, maybe grey is the place to be.

This lack of grey is possibly a reflection of ‘humans’. Let’s face it, there is this beautiful planet where everything it seems, except humans, resonate in a collective harmony. Okay, maybe that is a bit poetic, but it works just fine, you could say balanced.

This planet that has ‘evolved’ or was ‘created ‘ (let’s not get in to that) depending on your perspective, for all, not just for humans. But humans seem to be the ones who are abusing and destroying something which, perhaps could be or was meant to be a paradise.

Okay, now, since humans have a need to label and name everything, I guess the nearest label you could use, to describe my position in all of this, is atheist. However, that is not exactly the way it is. It’s just that I am totally not religious, perhaps non conformist would be more appropriate.

I wouldn’t say that there is ‘nothing ‘ I believe in. So there perhaps we have that situation of black and white and no grey to stop in.

The thing is, perhaps what is wrong with the world at this time, is actually a lack of ‘faith ‘ in anything. But who can blame people for this? So many ‘people’ not religions per se, but people who pertain to ‘so called’ religion (names and labels again) have, and are still abusing their positions one way or another. And might I add, there is a whole psychology to ‘uniforms’, but let’s not digress.

The result of this is, today in this world there are more ‘atheists’/non believers than there has ever been. It’s no surprise that people are so lost.

If people can’t believe in their family and/or friends, then where do they turn? Lack of trust for many reasons, prevents people turning to religion/faiths so they remain lost.

I believe a possible answer for helping this mess is, maybe if religious peoples dropped their uniform and their soap box, and approached people, individual to individual, keeping the religious references out of it, then some progress could be made.

Stop with the labels, stop with the dictating, stop with the ‘only one way’ and share your heart as an individual. Give your advice, empathy or opinion, omitting the diety that may influence you to feel that way.

The only way the human race is going to be saved is through unity. And yet unity is the very thing that religion, is inadvertently discouraging, by pertaining to ‘one deity’ ‘one way’ ‘one point of view’ it is creating exclusions,divisions and supremacy.

All religions should ‘unite’, agree to disagree in peace, and give messages of unity, hope, love, acceptance, tolerance and all positive energies. Then maybe humans might actually begin to see the whole picture, and stop being in a place that is so cellular.

How fabulous it would be to see a huge place of prayer, in every city, a place that has dedicated areas for every religion. Each to their own, respected and accepted, greeting each other as they pass by through the doors of peace and unification.

Does it not stand to reason? that if there is more than one type of tree, animal, plant, colour, race,temperature, planet….ad infinitum, then there is surely more than one deity/energy/entity.

Obviously this subject is highly emotive and can be discussed for eons, but let’s focus on this:

There are many roads/paths to the same destination, no one road/path is actually better or worse than the other, because all thoughts are based on perspective. Since perspective is simply a view point, how can it be, that either be right or wrong, better or worse, truth or lie?

This post’s quote:

Beware of absolutes. There are many gods.

D.H. Lawrence

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