Where are you from?

“Where are you from” people ask. Well, without seeming pedantic or facetious, what do they mean?

Where was I born?

Where was I raised?

What is my ancestory?

Where do I live?

Where do I pledge my allegiance?

What is my nationality?

Where is my accent from?

And why do they ask?

Out of genuine interest?

To make small talk?

Because of my colour?

Because of my accent?

…my clothes?

…my attitude?

…ad infinitum.

For me this is a difficult question. I have a mixed accent. I spent little time where I was born. I don’t actually live anywhere. I was raised in multiple places. My ancestory is questionable, even to me. I have no nationality that was not forced upon me.

I do not pledge allegiance to any country, any culture, any creed…ad infinitum. I stand alone, I am me. I take others at ‘face value’ and I wish others would do the same.

As for pledging allegiance to a country/having a nationality, does it follow that if you were born there, then you are Spanish?/British?/German?/Dutch?…ad infinitum.

If so, why? What if your mother was just passing through when she birthed you? What if each or one parent is from another country? What if you do not desire to be of that country?

I say again…I stand alone. I refuse to say I am from a particular country, as this could lead you to assume, that I am like the majority from that place, or I agree with the way it is…ad infinitum.

In my humble opinion, all countries are messed up. By government control, money, power…ad infinitum.

Therefore, I will not be of any country anywhere in the world.

Where am I from?

I am from my mother, I am from the source, I am from the energy, I am of the earth, I am from the universe, I am from everywhere and I am from nowhere.

What more do you need to know?

I am not being facetious or pedantic, but I can if you want.

…and yes, I am partial to the words ad infinitum.

Painting Nikki Jackson

This post’s quote:

I am a citizen to the world, and my nationality is goodwill.


A note from the author:

Please feel free to post comments for open discussion regarding the above literature, or anything in it that you feel is emotive or such like👍😉

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