Hello Earth

Painting Daniel B Holeman

This earth is full of boundaries and borders to cross, a rolling stone shall not, gather any moss.

The earth is not owned by anyone, so it is wrong to say, “it’s definitely not permitted, for you to pass this way”

There are those who dress up democracy, but it’s not at all as it should be.

The earth is here for one and all, so we should unite stand proud and tall.

No fight no aggression just peaceful campaign, don’t say “there’s no use” because that is so lame.

Peace, unity and food for all living, if there was not greed and ego but understanding and giving.

Trust me, I know there’s a wake up call, there are people uniting one and all.

There are waves of energy ebbing through the earth, we do have hope for all it’s worth.

We may not know now what is right, but we know something is wrong so many are seeking the light.

There are small facets upon this earth, gathering together for their ‘rebirth’

They may at present not know where to begin, but they definitely realise they are akin.

When the time is right these gathered souls will unite en mass, everything will balance once again and peace will come to pass.

The rest of the universe will join us and they will pledge a pact, and a new blueprint will begin for us and whence it shall be mapped.

“Wishful thinking” I don’t hear you say because I refuse to hear, this day is absolutely coming so get your arse in gear.

Nothing is beyond us if you just open your heart, all the negatives that are here will start to fall apart.

For too long now they have pumped fear into your head, so that they can control you and you act like you are dead.

When you discover what alive really means, when you see crystal cities and incredible scenes.

You will be amazed to find that you had merely forgot, all that you already knew before you lost the plot.

This post’s quote:

Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth “you owe me” look what happens to a love like that it lights up the whole sky.


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